Dartmouth Police probe 'deflation of Roger Goodell’s ego' after Patriots' Super Bowl win - Metro US

Dartmouth Police probe ‘deflation of Roger Goodell’s ego’ after Patriots’ Super Bowl win


As New England Patriots fans basked in the glory of their team’s historic Super Bowl win, one Massachusetts police department couldn’t help but have a little fun with a story that won’t die.

Just after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, handed the MVP trophy over to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady,Dartmouth Police announced they wereinvestigating “the unexpected deflation of Roger Goodell’s ego.”

Coined “Deflategate Two,” the mock investigation took a jab at the infamous scandal that led to a four-game suspension for Brady at the beginning of the season.

“Though the investigation is still in its early stages, it was reported that a very happy and smiling Tom Brady was in close proximity to Goodell when the incident took place,” the department wrote on Facebook in their “unofficial” announcement of the investigation.

The Patriots stormed back from a 19-point deficit Sunday to take the game into overtime for the first time in Super Bowl history. The Patriots won on a touchdown, capturing the title, 34-28.

Many Pats fans saw the Super Bowl win as victory over the Deflategate scandal, and over Goodell, who issued Brady the suspension. Evidently, the Dartmouth Police force felt the same way.

Not even Boston Police could resist the urge to take a stab at the commissioner, tweeting “When they suspended TB12 for 4 games, they didn’t just disrespect the greatest QB of all time, they insulted a region.”

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