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David Duke phoned Ron Stallworth to talk ‘Blackkklansman,’ Spike Lee and Donald Trump

Topher Grace as David Duke

Ron Stallworth has revealed that the head of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke recently called him to discuss Blackkklansman, Spike Lee’s drama that revolves around the detective’s infiltration of the right-wing group in the 1970s. 

I recently had the opportunity to speak to Stallworth over the phone, during which time he revealed that Duke phoned him to register his concerns about the film, while the pair also talked Donald Trump, too. 

“David called me a week ago when I was in New York,” Stallworth recalled. “He was very concerned about his image, and how he would be portrayed in this movie. That was first and foremost on his mind.”

“He told he had liked my book. He had read it and he liked it. And that he wanted me to know how much he respected me.”

“He also said that he liked and respected Spike Lee and his work. Which I found interesting.”

“We talked about issues of race, he expressed his support for Donald Trump. I told him Trump was a racist, Trump was a white supremacist.”

“He denied that, just like he himself denied that he was a racist or white supremacist. He basically stayed in the vein about being the bad guy that everyone sees him to be.”

You can also hear Ron Stallworth talk about “Blackkklansman,” the case, and his career as a detective at a special screening of the film at Brooklyn’s Alamo Drafthouse on Thursday evening. 

Stallworth is also touring other Drafthouses across the country over the next few weeks, too.


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