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David Guetta: ‘When I decided to become a DJ, there was no money or fame in this line of work’

DJ David Guetta

With more than 10.4 million albums sold during his career, David Guetta is undoubtedly one of the most famous and globally recognized DJs. And the acclaimed French artist not only has an impressive sales record, but is considered the best in the world by DJ Magazine as well as EDM mega site, The DJ List.

The producer-songwriter is well-known for collaborating too, having worked with the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Rihanna. But Guetta hasn’t always had it easy. Before his success, he began his career playing in local clubs in Paris before eventually becoming a producer and artist who has recorded No. 1 positions on lists such as Billboard Hot 100.

In fact, in 2010 he was awarded a Grammy for his album “One Love,” which contains one of his biggest hits, “When Love Takes Over,” alongside Kelly Rowland. He also won a Grammy in 2011 for his song “Revolver.” His fame continues to rise like foam and he is now the most followed artist in the world on Spotify, the most searched on Shazam and has 56 million likes on Facebook.

What has been the key to his success?

“I do not think there has been only one key, but becoming a producer was definitely an important factor. There is a combination of having great recordings full of energy and excitement, and at the same time, what I create as a DJ and the kind of music I produce,” says Guetta.

For him, the most important thing is to make his audience dance, while making them feel a balance of emotions and energy through electronic music. But no less important to him is to enjoy every second of what he does.

“That’s what it is all about, because when I decided to become a DJ, there was no money or fame in this line of work,” he explains. “I was ready to risk and sacrifice my life just because I wanted to do something I really enjoyed and I’ve been lucky because it became huge. To be willing to take those risks, you have to work with passion and give your 100 percent.”

His 2014 album, “Listen,” placed No. 1 on iTunes in 75 countries, and with his late 2015 follow-up, “Listen Again,” he continues to make millions of fans and listeners around the world move.

“For me it is about making people dance but also about giving them a thrill,” he says. “I want people dancing and having a wonderful time, but also to have an emotional impact and I think electronic music is probably the only music that does those things.”

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