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David Leitch talks us through THAT electrifying ‘Deadpool 2’ cameo

Deadpool and Colossus
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Warning: There is a major SPOILER ahead for Deadpool 2. So if you haven’t seen the comedy yet then please proceed cautiously. 


“Deadpool 2” is packed full of hysterical jokes and references, most of which arrive at such a relentless speed it is sometimes hard to keep up with them.


But there’s one joke in “Deadpool 2” that is so surprising and so pitch perfect that it is arguably the funniest moment of the entire film. 


Here’s your final WARNING, because directly below the trailer for “Deadpool 2” is a huge SPOILER for the comedy that you should really see on the big-screen. 


Are they gone? Good.


Because, as you know, in “Deadpool 2” Brad Pitt portrays Telford Porter/Vanisher. Even though there’s a few scenes that feature Vanisher, we only actually see Pitt on-screen when the character is electrocuted and dies. 


I recently had the opportunity to speak to “Deadpool 2” director David Leith, who talked me through the addition of Pitt to the film and even admitted that he was an early choice to play Cable. 


“Early on we had reached out to Brad to talk about Cable. And for a lot of reasons it wasn’t going to work with timing and things he had to do.”


“We always kept the door open. Simon Kinberg had written ‘Mr And Mrs Smith,’ I had actually worked on a couple of movies with him as a stunt performer. So we had a connection and a past and a friendship.”


“Also Brad was a huge fan of the original thing that Rhett, Paul and Ryan had created, this pop culture phenomenon. All those things together made it possible to get him to come and grace us with a great comedic performance in a few seconds.”


The result is one of the most surprising and hysterical jokes in “Deadpool 2,” which is no mean feat considering that it is packed to the brim with genuinely laugh out loud moments. 

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