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Day 2: ‘Occupy Boston’ plans a public meet-up

By day two of planning, those rallying behind “Occupy Boston” have picked a meeting place for their first general assembly, and already police are watching their every move.

“Our intelligence unit is aware of the group. We are monitoring information in the event there is a Boston appearance,” said Elaine Driscoll, spokesperson from the Boston Police Department.

Occupy Boston is following the footsteps of protests taking place on Wall Street, which are heading into their second week, against corporations and banking institutes.

Driscoll said if an appearance is confirmed, the department is prepared to deploy officers to “maintain a peaceful environment.”

But Nelson Terry, the organizer who formed a Facebook group called Occupy Boston, said the meeting tonight — scheduled for the Boston Common Gazebo — is nothing more than “the nucleus” of the revolution.

“This is just an assembly to discuss and plan,” he said to the hundreds of fans on his page. “Don’t bring your tents and bags. Bring a friend and your voice!”

Robin Jacks, a second activist running a Twitter campaign to rally supporters, said tonight’s meeting is strictly for general planning, not occupation.

“We are trying to figure out where to protest, where to camp, forming subcommittees,” she said.

According to the group organizers, they want to “remain peaceful and keep protests legal.”

“We will be discussing legalities — rules surrounding assembly, camping and erecting structures,” said Jacks.

The groups in Boston have been communicating with police through Twitter.

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