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De Blasio visits Paris to show solidarity after terrorist attacks

Bill de Blasio lays a wreath in Paris on Tuesday.
NYC Mayor's Office Twitter

Mayor Bill de Blasio traveled to Paris on Tuesday to show solidarity for the 17 people killed at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper and other terrorist attacks in France earlier this month.

“Paris and New York have walked the same path in so many ways,” de Blasio said at the Place de la Republique, where millions had gathered for a unity march the weekend following the attack. “We have borne the brunt of terror, and we have, over many years, shown the world an example … of tolerance and inclusion.”

e Blasio met with Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, and the two mayors laid a wreath at Charlie Hebdo, where 12 journalists were shot and killed on Jan. 7. The mayor also left wreaths where a police officer was killed, and outside Hyper Casher, a kosher grocery store where four hostages were shot and killed.

Hidalgo also made headlines Tuesday when she said the city of Paris planned to sue Fox News, saying the cable network had “insulted” the city’s “image.”

Over the weekend Fox News retracted reports that there are “no-go zones” in Europe where non-Muslims are afraid to go to, citing Paris and Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

Hidalgo was speaking with Christiane Amanpour of CNN when she brought up the lawsuit. She did not give exact details.

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