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Deadpool and Celine Dion make beautiful music together

Celine Dion does the belting, Deadpool does the dancing in the music video for Ashes.
Marvel, Youtube

In the league of unlikely pairings, the foul-mouthed sort-of-hero Deadpool and international pop sensation Celine Dion are very much two cards drawn at random. Fun fact though, the man behind the mask Ryan Reynolds and Dion are both Canadian. That explains it!

With both putting in maximum effort — Celine belting in a billowing gown, Deadpool doing his best diva moves in a pair of high-heeled boots — “Ashes” is the over-the-top power ballad a movie as guaranteed insane as Deadpool 2 demands:

This is what your day needed, admit it.

The original Deadpool was kind of a big deal, making $783 million on a budget of just $58 million — and that’s after Fox demanded cuts late into production. But Reynolds found the role he was born to play, combined with some truly funny screenwriting by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and crotch-centric camerawork by Ken Seng. How could Celine resist getting in on all that?

Deadpool, of course, knows she’s out of his league. But he’s just going to have to work harder because Celine is a classy lady who doesn’t do anything halfway. Maybe by Deadpool 3, she might even be bothered to learn his name! 

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