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Dear MBTA, here are ten things I like about you…even with the snow

Dear MBTA,

I know you’re having a hard winter … this is a sad season for many of us! I’m thinking you might need some encouragement and validation from a loyal commuter. I received a really nice card from my wife for Valentines Day and it made me feel good. I’m guessing you didn’t get many love notes. I’d like you to know 10 things that I appreciate about you:

10) You make multi-tasking totally do-able. Checking my email while driving is tricky. Checking my email while riding the T — why, I can run my whole business while commuting! And yesterday I totally did my make-up en route to Club Cafe. Thanks.
9) You don’t smell bad. Sometimes you’re having an off day and you smell like french fries. But oh wait — that’s because of PEOPLE who eat french fries on the train. Or maybe it’s because I secret-farted. (Sorry.)
8) You look good. Just yesterday I noticed some fun new colors on a red line car. Even though it’s advertising, which can be annoying, it was tastefully done and brought some brightness into the underground. Well done!
7) You’re not Switzerland, but you’re pretty timely. I don’t think I’ve ever waited longer than 20 minutes for a train. Smartphone Apps let me know when the next bus is coming. I’ve never been late to teach a yoga class — and when I’ve cut it so close that I had to sprint through the Prudential Mall to get to BSC, well, that was on me for not giving myself enough commuting time. Idiot.
6) You’re clean. Sometimes there’s a stray Metro newspaper on my seat and I get some bonus reading material. Sometimes there’s a soda spill on the floor … but when was the last time I mopped my own kitchen? Never.
5) You’re nice. Most of your drivers are pleasant. Some are even hilariously funny when they make announcements on the speaker. Sometimes someone is having a bad day and takes it out on commuters. But I’ve witnessed plenty of semi-abusive interactions with bosses and co-workers, so I’m gonna give you a pass. You’re human.
4) You’re innovative. From tokens and turnstiles to Charliecards — you’ve come a long way and you’ve adapted to technology! I love it when there’s an electronic announcement board that tells me when the next train is coming. It really eases my mind. Om.
3) You’re a life saver. Seriously. You’re prevented many drunken idiots from getting behind the wheel of a car. I even heard you have a late night service now. If I wasn’t such a grandma, I could vouch for it personally. Zzzzz.
2) You exist. Lots of cities in the great US of A don’t have such amazing, far-reaching, ever-expanding, public transportation infrastructure. You’re historic too! And I’d estimate that 97% of the time you’re functional and safe and available. That is success.
1) You’re being vulnerable right now and Brené Brown says that’s very admirable. Your weaknesses have been exposed and you’re being humbled to the extreme. That’s how growth happens. You’re changing. You’re going to be stronger from this. Believe me … I’ve been there.
Jamaica Plain Resident and frequent commuter

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