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December claims almost triple 2nd highest month

December is typically the biggest shopping month of the year for most Nova Scotians. Turns out, the same is true for our MLAs.

Metro Halifax’s review of a complete inventory of assets bought by members of all three parties between July 2006 and June 2009 revealed that politicians expensed a total of $270,898 (312 claims) during the three Decembers that fell within that time frame. Novembers came a distant second, with a total of $96,417 (138 claims) in expenses charged to the provincial coffers.

In the new year, expenses fell way off, with Januarys coming in at $35,283.90 and February at $35,299.58.

Overall, May seems to have been the most frugal time of the year in the provincial legislature. Only $19,229 (41 claims) in taxpayer’s money was spent during that month.

Overall, the average per month works out to about $64,000.

Items without an invoice were excluded.

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