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Deck your home in fun prints, patterns

“Prints and patterns have been huge trends for the last few years and show no sign of slowing down,” says Tricia Guild, the founder and Creative Director of Designers Guild. “They offer a sense of modernity that plain textiles just do not have.”

While print wallpaper and upholstery may read like a throwback to a bygone age, today’s prints are inspiringly vibrant and make for a room that you’d actually want to spend time.

As Guild puts it, “Prints lend themselves to a more eclectic look that reflects one’s personality and spirit.”

A harmonious clash

When using a mix of prints, you need to “pick out a color to link the clash,” advises Guild. “In this blue sitting room, we’ve used more than eight patterns. But the effect is harmonious because the color palette is restricted to a cobalt and white crispness.”

Don’t go wild

It’s important to reel in your creative wild side, especially when it comes to decorating with busy animal prints.

“Don’t mix too many animal prints together, and use a plain neutral such as black along the edges of curtains, cushions, rugs and lampshades,” says Guild. On accent walls, she adds, “I think pattern all over the room is more up-to-date — the feature wall feels a bit passe.”

Make it work

You don’t have to live in a sprawling urban palace to make prints work in your place. If you don’t want prints to dominate, temper the look by “choosing a wallpaper that is not too strong,” says Guild. “Generally, smaller-scale prints are best in tighter rooms or just add accent print pieces like cushions or throws. However, there are no real rules — and sometimes a large-scale pattern can look amazing,” she says.