Deez Nuts, Donald Trump both run for President, have link to Deflategate Patriots (Twitter pics) - Metro US

Deez Nuts, Donald Trump both run for President, have link to Deflategate Patriots (Twitter pics)

Presidential candidate Deez Nuts is garnering nine percent of the vote in North Carolina and must now be taken seriously. Don’t laugh. Four months ago, Donald Trump was alsothought to be a chump candidate. Now look at him. He’s re-writing the book on how to be a successful politician.

Deez Nuts, meanwhile,is apparently a 15-year-old kid from Iowa. It’s hard to understand why a 15-year-old boy from Iowa would identify with an inside joke created by rappers 20 years ago (the Death Row Record guys loved to say, ‘DEEEEZ NUTS’), but Iowa is a lot like Europe. What was hot in LA and New York last year will be a huge smash in Des Moines and Slovakia in 2035. (So there is hope for you Iggy Azalea).

As for the phrase “Deez Nuts,” it’s come full circle. Kind of. Sort of. After the Patriots won the Super Bowl this past February, amid what is now known as the infant stages of the Deflategate controversy, they held a parade in the streets of downtown Boston and one sign that kept getting passed around by players was one that displayed two Mr. Peanuts (of Planters fame), along with a caption of, “Deflate Deez.”

Now, the Patriots still use “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne as one of their main intro themes, so it’s difficult to say that “Deez Nuts” is going to get a second shelf life as being “hip” in the sports world. But it seems to be taking off in the world of politics, so much so that it’s a slam dunk that in two weeks Ted Cruz will claim he was behind “Deez Nuts” all along. Fifteen-year-olds can’t become President, after all.

Trump, meanwhile, has long been associated with the Patriots organization. He’s showed up in team owner Robert Kraft’s luxury box multiple times over the years and he’s been awful friendly with Tom Brady over the years. He’s been to prize fights with Brady and has done photoshoots with him.

If one had to place money on it, Brady’s probably a Republican considering he snubbed President Obama at the Patriots’ White House visit earlier this year (there were Deflategate jokes made by POTUS – he needs to know better) and Brady once showed up at a George W. Bush State of the Union address by request.

Trump also slammed NFL commish Roger Goodell on Boston Herald radio earlier this year regarding the Deflategate fiasco.

“It’s shocking the way it’s been handled,” Trump told the “Morning Meeting. “It’s a disgrace. It’s as bad or worse than Ray Rice.

“Robert Kraft trusted the NFL and that they would make a fair decision and he was let down. I would say Tom is [the NFL’s] big star and it’s bad for him. This could have been handled quickly in a week. If Trump were commissioner it would have been wrapped up in a week.

“The way it was released it sounds bad, but when you hear Tom’s side, I don’t know,” Trump added. “It’s a very different way of hearing it. I know [Brady] so well, he’s such a high quality guy … [But] he waited too long, he should have sued [the NFL] earlier.”

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