Just a year ago, the Republican party was dubbed “irrelevant” as the favor in the 2008 presidential election was clearly slanted to Barack Obama. But if you ask party faithfuls where they stand now, they’d tell you things are looking up.

Over the last year, the party has had to strip itself bare and begin building from the ground up. And this is where party members see the light: a return to grassroots organizing.

Amara Birman, a Republican in New York City, recalls the tea parties held around the country in April to protest Obama’s stimulus package.

“I am happy the party is seeing the value in grassroots-style, movement politics,” she said. “Yes, we are still struggling to find our spokesperson, but out policy stances are a bit more united than before. … I think right now we have to sit back and let the other guys mess up a bit. Only then will the mood be right for us to propose ideas to make things better.”

Todd Schoenberger is just relying on the self-destruction of the Democratic party.

“If anything, Dems seem to be hurting themselves. The feeling of goodwill and optimism seem to have disappeared.”

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