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Demi Lovato on going blond, Hillary Clinton and her break from the spotlight

Demi Lovato is out to prove that blondes really do have more fun.

The 24-year-old singer-actress has been showing off her golden locks as an ambassador for Koleston Astonishing Blonde hair dye. We chatted with the “Body Say” songstress about why her new hair color has made her the “mane” attraction.

You shocked the world with your new hair color. Why did you do it?
Well, I heard Koleston has a new technology that makes the transition from dark to blond hair really easy. And I knew I was coming to Mexico, so I wanted to try something different for my Mexican fans.

Do blonds really have more fun?
I feel good. It’s fun.

You’ve tried out lots of very bold looks throughout your career. What’s been your wildest style?
The bravest one I think I’ve had was when I had a half shaved head and I also colored it pink.

What was your favorite?
I love having long hair, but short hair is much easier to care for and keep healthy. So you never know what my next new cut could be…

Now that you’re a blond, you must have a different beauty regimen. What’s your top tip for keeping your hair looking healthy?
Definitely. I think no matter what my look is, the most important thing is to always maintain healthy hair. And when you make a radical change like this, it is very important to apply deep hydration treatments frequently.

You recently joined CAST, an intimate speaking tour dedicated to the care of mental patients. What difference do you think you can make?
What I want to achieve with CAST is to put mental health in the public eye and make it known. And for people to realize that there is nothing wrong or taboo about mental illness. It’s about caring for [yourself], and I want to show people that perspective. The more aware we are, the better we will be able to support those in need. I want to help as many people as possible.

Is that what you’ll be focusing on in 2017 since you announced your break from show biz?
Yes, my priority will be altruistic work.

Do you have anything planned for your return?
Not really. My mind is focused on CAST for now.

Many girls and women suffer from poor self-esteem, how would you advise them to stay safe?
I would just tell them that it is very important not to be so hard and demanding on yourself. You have to love yourself and make daily positive affirmations and recognize your own beauty, even on those days when you do not feel so well.

Do you practice this yourself?
Yes. I try to not be so critical of myself. I make sure to keep a healthy diet and exercise constantly. That way I feel good and also in front of my mirror daily I repeat positive statements that remind me I’m beautiful and that helps me a lot.

Speaking of exercise, what’s your favorite?
Boxing — I love to hit things.

Do you practice it daily?
Yes, every day.

Do you think that the U.S. and the rest of the world are ready for a blond president?
Definitely! Of course I think the U.S. is ready for a woman president.

Would you like to see that?
Of course I’d love to!

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