Demi Moore: Daughter at home is making dating awkward

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You know what’s super-awkward when you’re trying to carry on a nice, normal, grownup romance? Having your 21-year-old daughter around all the time to kill the mood. At least, that’s what Demi Moore is reportedly discovering since having youngest daughter Tallulah Willis move in with her following Willis’ 45-day rehab stint last summer, according to the National Enquirer.

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Apparently the living arrangements are getting too cramped for Moore’s boyfriend, musician Sean Friday. “Having Tallulah around the house has almost completely killed the romance between them,” a source says. “Whenever Sean and Demi go out to dinner or a yoga class, Demi invites Tallulah along. She invites her friends over, too, which gives Sean and Demi very little privacy. Sean told Demi if Tallulah doesn’t go, he will. But Demi warned Sean that if push comes to shove, he’s the one who’ll get the boot.”

This sounds like it will end well.

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