Dems to Kanye: No lecturing the president!

Kanye Westwill perform at a Democratic National Committeefundraiser in San Francisco attended by President Obamaon Oct. 10, according to a New York Post article, which claims the performer will be required to stick only to performing and not digress on one of his infamous quasi-political tangents.

A Post source said in the report, “There will be restrictions. … Kanye won’t be able to lecture the president about how to run the country,” which added that West will debut songs from his next album, “Swish,” at the event.

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According to a related article in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Democratic National Committee fundraiser is at the Warfield Theatre, a 2,300-seat venue, and tickets start at $250 while the most expensive go for $10,000 each to attend a private reception with the president. The joint appearance by Obama and West indicates they have put some of their past headline-stirring disagreements aside.

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DNC member Robert Zimmerman quipped in the Post article, “Kanye will be an exciting draw, especially compared to the Republicans booking Wayne Newton or Clint Eastwood. We all know how well that turned out.”

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