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Denis Coderre seeks to quash talk of Liberal mutiny on Facebook page

MONTREAL – Denis Coderre is using Facebook to stay friends with the federal Liberals.

Coderre, who quit in a huff as the party’s Quebec lieutenant, is urging Liberals to show up in droves for a weekend party meeting in Quebec City.

He stresses in his Facebook posting that he has total confidence in leader Michael Ignatieff.

This after Coderre’s incendiary charge that the party’s Quebec operations were being overseen by Torontonians, an accusation that opened up potential rifts within the party and prompted fears of a possible mutiny.

Coderre sought to allay those concerns Thursday.

“There have never been problems in Quebec or with Quebec,” he wrote in a posting on the social-networking site. “I still have confidence in Michael Ignatieff and am happy that he has said Quebec concerns will be settled between him and Quebec (party) authorities.”

The move comes amid chatter within the party that Coderre might be trying to orchestrate a revolt against Ignatieff’s leadership.

Talk of a Coderre-led insurgency has been fuelled by resignations of his key loyalists, his own absence at major political events this week, and word of a boycott of this weekend’s Quebec City gathering.

In a fiery resignation speech earlier this week, Coderre accused the leader of being too heavily influenced by a cadre of advisers from Toronto.

He was miffed that Ignatieff overruled his decision on who should carry the party banner in a prized Montreal riding, giving it to former justice minister Martin Cauchon, who has long had a personal rivalry with Coderre.

Coderre’s conciliatory words come on the same day that his leader has issued what appears to be a warning directed at him.

Ignatieff says there are consequences for every action – including Coderre’s.

“For every action, there are consequences,” Ignatieff told reporters in Ottawa. “I’m very clear about that. Mr. Coderre is very clear about that.”

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