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Dennis Rodman is basically the ambassador to North Korea for Trump

Dennis Rodman, Ambassador, North Korea, Trump

How screwed are we as a country?

Basically our ambassador to nuclear-armed North Korea is Dennis Rodman. Rodman was back in the land of “Un” Tuesday as he hopes to “open a door” between his buddy Kim Jong Un and his former Celebrity Apprentice boss – U.S. President Donald Trump (I can’t believe I just typed that sentence).

For the record, I don’t see Rodman’s relationship with Kim Jong Un ending well. It’s easy to envision Rodzilla saying the wrong thing to the North Korean leader, or doing the wrong thing to him (i.e. not allowing the 4-foot-3 Kim Jong to beat him in a game of 1-on-1). 

This would lead to some sort of hostage situation involving Rodman, with Michael Jordan (he’s basically the only man in history who’s been able to reel Rodman in) having to negotiate things between Kim Jong, Rodman and Trump.

This is truly science fiction stuff. Imagine telling anyone in 1997 that Trump and Rodman were key figures in trying to solve major international relations? The equivalent would be if Kris Jenner and Gronk were in charge of patching together the middle east in 2037. Don’t rule it out.


Everywhere I see, 28-3

An Atlanta sports blog (yes, one exists) tweeted last week that the Patriots putting 283 diamonds in their Super Bowl rings was “probably the most classless, childish thing” they had ever seen. It got 131 retweets and 177 likes, which are pretty good numbers for @ATLSportsScoop.

If you hadn’t heard, the Pats put that total of diamonds in their rings to acknowledge the 28-3 comeback they had against the Falcons in Super Bowl 51.

Now, classless would have been if the Giants had put 181 diamonds in their 2007 Super Bowl rings to call back the Pats’ 18-1 record, coming up just short of a perfect season. The move by the Pats was just slightly “less classless,” to coin a phrase.

I mean, you see “28-3” everywhere on social media. We’ve seen people run with “28-3” signs in the Boston Marathon, and “March 28” aka 3-28 day, was something of a Boston holiday a few months back. I suppose we are kind of rubbing it in.


Cutthroat Bill

If you needed any further proof that the Patriots are absolutely ruthless, check out Bill Belichick’s comments the other day at OTAs.

“You know, we’ve had enough parades, enough celebrations, and enough everything,” Belichick said about the teams’ win in Super Bowl 51. “This 2017 team hasn’t done anything yet – none of us have. We really need to focus on what we’re doing this year. There have been a lot of great moments in the past, which is great, but that isn’t going to help us this year.”

Uhhh, Bill? It’s June. You still have several weeks of boating in Nantucket to tend to.

Now, Tom Brady’s age is always discussed around here, and all indications are that he’s going to try and play at least three more seasons. But what about Belichick? Belichick said on his Football Life documentary that he didn’t want to wind up like (former Buffalo Bills head coach) Marv Levy – coaching into his 70s. But Belichick said that in his 50s, and he’s 65 now. He sure seems like he could stick around another 10 years.

I mean, seriously, what is that guy gonna do after football?



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