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Derek Fisher 2015 timeline – Divorce from wife Candace, rift with Phil Jackson, fight with Matt Barnes

Derek Fisher has long been regarded as one of the more unflappable athletes in the history of pro sports. But his “unflappable-ness” has certainly been put to the test in 2015.

He split with his wife of nearly 10 years in March. Candace Fisher told TMZ that he “blindsided” her with divorce papers and abruptly cut her off from his life. He even pressed her to allow their children to be with him in New York despite the majority of the family still calling Los Angeles home.

On the basketball court, things haven’t been going too smoothly either. Fisher was regarded as the consummate winner during his playing career but in his first season as Knicks head coach, he was something of a disaster – winning just 17 games in 2014-15.

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Just last month, Fisher was irked by questioning regarding his boss (and former coach) Phil Jackson possibly taking on a larger role within the Knicks’ coaching staff in 2015-16.

“[Jackson] was here [at training camp,” Fisher told the New York Daily News. “He doesn’t coach the team. I coach the team. So he wasn’t involved.

“I was asked a question,” Fisher said when probed further about the situation. “I don’t think about it until I’m asked about it. I’m me and he’s him and I don’t get caught up in how much and not enough and it’s my job. I’m the coach of the team. How we do will fall on my shoulders.”

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Then there was the blowout between Fisher, his new girlfriend Gloria Govan and Govan’s former husband Matt Barnes. That story was made public Wednesday, two days after Fisher missed Knicks practice for “personal reasons.”

Jackson hasn’t spoken out yet about Fisher’s situation. No cryptic tweets from the Zen Master. His last Tweet came on Sept. 28 and was a predictablere-tweet of “Tex Winter’s ‘Six Principles of Sound Offense.'” Sending a message to Fisher? Wouldn’t be surprised. It would only be the 10th strangest thing to happen to the Knicks in the past few months (Porn star Jazmine Cashmere alleges Carmelo Anthony affair on Twitter).

Above are some pics of Fisher with his former wife, Candace, and of the happy times when Fisher and Barnes were just teammates and hoop peers.

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