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Derren Brown teases his next Netflix special

Derren Brown talks Netflix special
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Derren Brown has opened up about his upcoming Netflix special, teasing that it will be vaguely political, while he also revealed his process for collecting material, too.

Uploaded on Friday, “Miracle” was Brown’s second Netflix special of 2018, following on from the release of “The Push.” There’s more to come, too, as it has already been confirmed that his brand-new Netflix special will be released later this year.

I recently had the chance to speak to Brown, who originally didn’t want to say too much about it, as he is still in the midst of finishing the special off. 

“We’re editing at the moment a brand new special, so that will be appearing for the first time on Netflix. But I don’t know when that will be and we’re quite a way off from finishing it. But, yes, there’s something in the pipeline. It’s too early to give any details or talk about it. The next thing after this will be made for Netflix, though.”

However, Brown’s answer to my next question actually provided some more insight regarding his next Netflix special, which he insists will be “vaguely political.”

First of all, though, I asked Brown about his process for acquiring material, as I wanted to know whether or not he began with a theme in mind. 

“I never think like that. I always leave it for the moment. I always have a two-week period of coming up with the ideas for these things. I am left with whatever is interesting to me at the time.”  

“I just wrote a book on happiness that came out a year or so ago, I have been very interested in the Stoics, which is a very popular Ancient Greek and Roman school of philosophy, and so all of that fed into ’Miracle’.” 

“But now I am starting to get my head around another book, which starts to bring ideas to the fore. The problem with that is that it tends to be often vaguely philosophical ideas that lead into these things.” 

“The new show for Netflix is vaguely political, softly political. It is just whatever feels important at the time that lends itself to the show. So, no, I don’t know what any future ideas will be.”

Brown also revealed that he has plans to bring his show to New York again in the near future, too.

“I did an off Broadway show last year, which went down well. I will hopefully be taking that back to Broadway at some point. Again, that’s in the pipeline, and is being discussed. Maybe next spring, or something like that. It will be nice to do.”

“I am on my eighth show over here, and I have been doing a show every two years. I like taking the shows out and exploring them in other places. Other audiences, American audiences are very different to English audiences.”

“Because the whole nature of the show is about the audience’s experience and what they bring to it. It is all what they bring to it. It is like you are one member of the cast and the audience is the rest of them. Except they don’t have a script.”

“It is a great thing to do every night. It is great fun. Whether or not we will film them, I don’t know, but certainly the live side of things will be fun to do.”

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