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Designer says ‘follow your heart’

Vancouver designer Christie Clayton got the boot on last night’s episode of Project Runway Canada for creating a dress even she admitted wasn’t true to her design vision.

Clayton, 30, was emotional and upset during the judging panel of last night’s episode as she conceded to the judges that her garment — a dress with a silky top half and high waist shorts in the bottom half — just wasn’t her. “When you make something you don’t believe in for people who are really important, it’s really tough,” Clayton told Metro.

“I really tried hard just to be myself on the show. I’m an edgy streetwear designer — usually I make really edgy clothes,” she said.

She says being on the show taught her that sticking to your guns and doing what you believe in is most important.

“I learned to trust my own judgment. The big lesson was to always follow your heart and trust your own instinct,” Clayton said.

Now that she’s off the show, Clayton is happy to be back at her own clothing line, Carny Love (www.carnylove.com), getting her new spring and summer collection ready. She admits the level of experience and talent among the other designers was intimidating but that as stressful as being on the show was, it was worth it.

“I learned a lot about myself,” Clayton said.

– The second season of Project Runway Canada airs every Tuesday night on Global.