Despite long lines, Luke's Diner pop-ups attracted fans across the country - Metro US

Despite long lines, Luke’s Diner pop-ups attracted fans across the country


Happy birthday, “Gilmore Girls”! Today is the 16th anniversary of the pilot, and in celebration—and as a genius Netflix PR move to stoke anticipation for the show’s revival on November 25— this morning coffeeshops all over the country were transformed into Luke’s Diners. Starting at 7 a.m., the select cafes gave out the first 250 cups of coffee for free. In case you overslept, or are just not hardcore enough of a fan to get up at 5 a.m. for a chance to pretend you live in Stars Hollow for a morning, you can get a taste of what you missed on social media. If you’ve got a bad case of FOMO, just self-medicate with caffeine, it’s what Lorelai would do—or take comfort in the fact that the lines were egregious. Of course, dedicated “Gilmore Girls” fans were happy to wait.

Scroll down for tweets capturing scenes from this morning, including #TeamJess and #TeamDean tip jars, coffee cups printed with caffeine-related quotes from the series, and a pretty believable Luke-alike reluctantly pouring coffee behind one counter. Plenty of folks mused about how much Luke himself, everyone’s favorite grouchy hearthrob, would have hated the spectacle.

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