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‘Devastating’ crime re-enacted to generate tips

The victim of a robbery last month is hoping witnesses come forward after her crime was recreated yesterday.

A victim in her 60s, who wishes to remain anonymous, remembers the Nov. 29 assault vividly as she recounted details for a Crime Stoppers re-enactment.

The victim was attacked from behind by a man as she was unlocking her vehicle at Northland Village mall. The attacker tried to steal her purse and dragged her across the ground to a vehicle where a woman was waiting.

“I knew if they were so intent on getting my purse, they were prepared to maim or kill me to get it, so I let go of the shoulder strap,” she said, adding she was screaming for help.

“I said, someone help me, someone please help me but no one came. I was thinking, ‘Why is no one coming to help me?’”

After recovering from minor injuries, the victim says she isn’t sure she will ever recover from the lasting emotional consequences.

“The devastating effects have been psychological. I have lost my independence because I don’t like going out alone … I don’t feel safe anywhere with anyone when I’m alone.”

Police are hoping the re-enactment generates tips in finding the two suspects, who fled in a silver domestic sedan with a stolen plate.

The male suspect is believed to be between 30 to 40 years old, six feet tall and 200 pounds with a medium build and brown hair.

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