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Dial-a-bottle delivery service set to challenge law

A local delivery company is considering challenging a law that makes it illegal to deliver alcohol after one of its drivers was charged.

“My understanding is that it is one of those grey areas,” Gala Delivery Service owner John Gallagher said, after contacting a lawyer on the issue.

“I know different cab companies in town have been doing it for many, many years.”

Driver Dennis Fitt is to appear in court June 8 after recently being issued a summary offence ticket for keeping liquor for sale when he allegedly attempted to deliver a booze order to an address on Lower Truro Road.

Such deliveries are common occurrences in the area and Gallagher said he views it as being no different than transporting such items as pizza, drug prescriptions or auto parts.

Regulations contained in the Nova Scotia Liquor Control Act, which controls the possession, sale, transportation and delivery of liquor, defines “sale” or “sell” as including the “exchange, barter and traffic and the selling or supplying or distribution, by any means whatsoever of liquor or of any liquor known or described as ‘beer’ or ‘light beer’ by any partnership, or by any society, association or club, whether incorporated or unincorporated…”

Staff Sergeant Randy MacKenzie of the Truro Police Service said while the town’s officers do not make a point of looking for cabbies or delivery drivers who deliver alcohol, the charge against Fitt occurred while police were responding to a call at the same time a delivery was taking place.

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