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Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus think you can’t see them making out

Diane Kruger is apparently a really, really big “TheWalking Dead” fan. The “Inglourious Basterds” star was spotted trying to go incognito with fan favorite Norman Reedus recently at the East Village’s 12th Street Alehouse, but that turned out to be a rather foolish plan. “They were both dressed very casually. Norman was wearing a hat, and Diane had barely any makeup on,” an eyewitness tells Radar Online. “They ordered whiskey and immediately walked hand-in-hand to a table in the back corner.”

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And it’s in that back corner where things got, shall we say, interesting as the pair tore into a “high school makeout session,” according to the source. “They were on top of each other. Every time I looked over, she was on him or he was on her. They clearly thought they were incognito. They thought no one could possibly recognize them in that hole in the wall.” Turns out they were wrong. You know who’d probably be curious to hear more about this? Kruger’s boyfriend of nine years, Joshua Jackson. This won’t be awkward at all.

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