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Did a Facebook status lead to domestic dispute?

We can all get a little sensitive about our Facebook statuses at times. Why hasn’t he commented yet? Why hasn’t she liked my most recent post? Perhaps we are all guilty of reading into it a little too much.

However, Benito Apolinar of Pecos, Texas, may want to consider signing off for a while after a recent incident that ended in a battery charge against him.

As the story is reported by The Carlsbad Current-Argus, Apolinar posted a status update about the anniversary of his mother’s death.

He was expecting plenty of people to “like” it, but when his estranged wife didn’t show her support in the form of a Facebook nod, he reportedly got pretty upset about it. That’s when, police say, Apolinar went to his wife’s house and began hitting her and pulling her hair.

Now, Apolinar has pleaded not guilty to a charge of battery, but either way, is probably definitely guilty of taking Facebook too seriously.

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