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Did the president of Argentina adopted a godson to stop a werewolf curse?

Apparently she did.

President Christina Fernandez tweeted about meeting her new godson Yair Tawil, and his family early last week.

“it was true. They brought me a gift, a menorah from Israel. They asked me to light the candles.”

“And for Yair to say the prayer. A very special moment . Then I was told I had to blow them out and make a wish…”

“Lair, 21 years old, total sweetheart. His family is wonderful, his mother [is like] Queen Ester, his dad [like] Solomon the rabbi. His brothers: Rafael, Eliel y Eitan”

Tawil is the first Jewish child to be adopted by an Argentinian president in a nearly century old tradition of adopting the seventh son of an Argentinian family to stop a werewolf curse.

You read that correctly, “to stop a werewolf curse.”

Argentinian legend dictates that the seventh son of a family will turn into a werewolf-like creature called “el lobizón,” on the Friday after the boy’s 13th birthday. Once the boy becomes a werewolf he will eat excrement, unbaptized babies and dead bodies.

Whoa there.

Apparently fear of el lobizon was so widespread in Argentina that the government, in an effort to fight the stigma of seventh sons, began adopting children. The adoption provides presidential protection, a scholarship and a gold medal.

Diario Popular, an Argentinian newspaper reports that President Fernandez has adopted 700 godchildren in her presidential term.

In 2009 an amendment to Argentinian law allowed any child, no matter what their faith was, to be adopted by the president. Prior to the amendment only Catholic children were eligible.

So in celebration of Argentina’s president adopting its first Jewish godson here is 30 Rock’s “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” to celebrate.

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