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Did ‘The Walking Dead’ take it too far?

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Brendan Massey, whose murder case received national attention in the Netflix “Making a Murderer” documentary, will be released soon after 10 years in prison.

Can you smell what “The Rock” is cooking… in The White House?

A woman in Houston, Texas was being investigated for selling an exotic kitten, but never delivering the animal. During the investigation, police found exotic animals – tigers, a skunk, a cougar, a fox, allegedly “vicious” monkeys and the woman’s 14-year-old girl – roaming the house.

A Holocaust scholar was teaching his high school students and drawing parallels between Donald Trump and Hitler. The school suspended him.

[Be warned: This “The Walking Dead” article contains spoilers.]

“It blew my mind,” the actor said. “I think that was a brilliant way of explaining what Rick was enduring and capable of enduring.”

And how far is too far for“The Walking Dead” fans? Was a line crossed?

Poor little moo cows! Three bovine beauties were stranded in New Zealand after earthquakes.

$2.1 million was raisedby a Down Syndrome fashion show over the weekend. (Hopefully, you weren’t working then.)

Longtime PBS journalistGwen Ifill diedat age 61 after battling cancer.

After 60 years, thisFrida Kahlo paintinghas a place again.

They say not to pull on loose threads on your clothes. It might cause the fabric to unravel orthe “thread” could be rat toes.

Anoutbreak of bird fluwas found on a Israeli farm.

Families in Mosultalked about fleeing ISIS“running among bullets.”

And hey, congratulations! You survived Monday, which can sometimes feel like a battle with zombies. You earned this.

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