Diehard Roughrider fans not angry, but heartbroken after stunning Grey Cup loss

REGINA – Devastated and heartbroken but still proud – those are the words Saskatchewan Roughrider fans are using one day after a stunning Grey Cup loss to the Montreal Alouettes.

The Alouettes edged the Riders 28-27 last night on a field goal after Saskatchewan was penalized for too many players on the field.

Rider fans say they’re not angry, but they are heartbroken for the province and for the players who gave it their all.

Emotions are running so high that a Regina radio station even interviewed a grief counsellor who talked about ways Rider fans can get over the loss.

The last time fans in “Rider Nation” faced such heartbreak was when kicker Paul McCallum missed an 18-yard field goal in overtime against B.C. in the 2004 West final.

Irate fans pelted McCallum’s home with eggs and dumped manure on his neighbour’s driveway thinking it was the kicker’s house.

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