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Diet prosecco in time for beach season? Yes, please!

Diet prosecco just in time for beach season!

There’s never a bad time for a little bubbly, is there? Well, maybe if you’re counting calories or watching your waistline, but thanks to one Italian company, the world has now been gifted a new diet prosecco.

Yes, a diet prosecco! That’s pretty big news that, fittingly, deserves a celebratory popping of a cork (or two), considering that sparking wines are infamous for having a high sugar content.

Piedmont, Italy-based wine producer Casa Gancia just released Gancia Leggero, a prosecco with 65 calories per glass, roughly 75 percent less sugar than your usual prosecco, the company said. “Leggero,” by the way, means “light” in Italian. But be warned: The sparkling wonder still has an alcohol content of 11.5 percent.

OK, so now for the bad new because it just couldn’t be that easy, could it?

Gancia Leggero will only be available in 18 London pubs around owned by Stonegate Pub Company for the next six months before having a wider U.K. rollout, the Evening Standard reported.

It’s the “closest you’ll get to clean drinking,” Stonegate said.

Gancia Leggero isn’t the first diet prosecco, though. Thompson & Scott launched its Skinny Prosecco in 2015, to tap into the demand for alcoholic drinks with less calories, founder Amanda Thompson told The Drinks Business. The Skinny brand also offers a low-cal brut and rose champagne. 

Sadly for those of us stateside, there is no word on whether Gancia Leggero or Skinny Prosecco will be available in the U.S. anytime soon, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed — and our glasses chilled just in case. 

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