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Dinosaurs will walk among us at Rexall Place

Sixty-five million years ago they ruled the Earth. Soon, they will rule arenas in cities across North America. Dinosaurs are back.

“Walking with Dinosaurs,” adapted from the BBC TV series of the same name, is an arena spectacular featuring 15 life-sized dinosaurs.

The 10 largest are operated by radio remote control while the smaller five are suits worn by actors. Audiences are led through the show by a paleontologist guide.

Yesterday, 25 students from Steinhauer Elementary’s Grade 3 class got a sneak peak at the action. They were invited to meet one of the show’s stars, a baby T-Rex.

After a prehistoric-themed story from Northlands president and CEO Ken Knowles, the show’s “promoto-saurus,” Matt-hew Rimmer, stepped up to introduce the kids to the baby T-Rex.

“You can pet him,” Rimmer told the youngsters, “but you do it at your own risk. Remember they are meat eaters.”

Skeptical at first, the kids let out squeals of fear and delight as the roaring dinosaur appeared from behind the curtain and lunged into the crowd.

The show returns to Edmonton for nine performances at Rexall Place from July 22 to 26.

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