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Dita Von Teese brings Paris show to DVD

She spends much of her time out of them, but clothes are important to Dita Von Teese. They’re an integral part of the burlesque superstar’s character — both on and off stage.

As she gets set to launch a DVD of her show at the Crazy Horse in Paris, Von Teese speaks to Metro about life, lingerie and Louboutin heels…

Doesn’t this DVD destroy the mystery of your Crazy Horse shows?

I don’t normally like having my shows filmed but I think we managed to transfer the feeling of the live shows to film.

Are there shots that could never be seen live?

Crazy Horse are very private about what happens behind the scenes but we could show all that on the DVD.

In the DVD, you say that you wished you were 18 so you could have become a dancer at the Crazy Horse!

Yeah! (Laughs) I’m obviously happy with the path that I’ve chosen. There’s a reason that things worked out the way they did for me, but sometimes I wonder why I didn’t fly to Paris and audition to become a Crazy Horse girl back in the old days!

You’re writing a new beauty book?

It’s about encouraging and embracing eccentric beauty. Everyone wants to look natural and this is a book for girls that don’t want to look natural!

The way you move, of course, is due a lot to your Christian Louboutin heels…

Christian started off designing shoes for showgirls. More than any other shoe designer he has a real way with proportion and with making a foot look really feminine. I always feel that he completely understands what shoe I need and of course that flash of red sole is the height of glamour and is a distinctive symbol.

I feel that I have to wear Louboutins on stage. I love that flash of red that comes when I’m dancing.

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