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Divorcing? Break out the cake!

What’s the best way to get along with your ex after a split? Throw a party together, of course!

Some New York divorce specialists recommend throwing a “divorce party” after the court papers are finalized, saying it helps create closure and courage for people after a split.

Last month, White Stripes singer Jack White threw a party in Nashville after he and ex-wife supermodel Karen Elson ended their marriage. “We remain dear and trusted friends,” the couple said in a statement. “In honor of that time shared, we are throwing a divorce party.”

About 20 percent of sales at Divorcepartysupply.com are in the New York City region, according to the company.

Family therapist Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil said divorce parties end the “shame and blame” surrounding a breakup and keep social circles intact.

“Very often people feel guilty, like, ‘If I’m friends with her, I can’t be friends with him,’” she said. “It eliminates a lot of guilt for everyone.”

Have your split and eat it, too

NEW YORK. Sylvia Weinstock said her Lower Manhattan cake shop
usually bakes for happier occasions, like birthdays or weddings, but has
made a few cakes for divorce parties, too. “I remember that we did one
that had a big house, and we cut a small section with ‘his,’ and the
biggest part was ‘hers,’” she said. “Another one was a stack of
thousand-dollar bills. There were two on the side for him, and the big
stack on hers.”

Manhattan-based matrimonial lawyer Sherri Donovan told Metro about 20 percent of the people she helps get divorced throw a party.

“It’s like a cleansing,” she said. “Out with the old life, in with the new life.”

She did see one couple, however, that headed out together after the court papers were signed. “They left together very lovey dovey, arm in arm,” she said. “I think they were going to have one last fling.”

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