Do latest Sixers trade rumors make sense? (Nerlens Noel-Jeff Teague, Okafor to Lakers or Celtics) - Metro US

Do latest Sixers trade rumors make sense? (Nerlens Noel-Jeff Teague, Okafor to Lakers or Celtics)

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The conversation is rampant.

The rumors are swirling.

The debate is ongoing.

In the weeks leading up to the NBA draft on June 23, every trade imaginable is discussed on blogs, message boards and the information superhighway as a whole.

Especially for the 76ers, the talk seems to be getting louder since they own the Nos. 1, 24 and 26 picks in the first round and have tradeable assets such as Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor.

By now, Noel and Okafor’s names have been heard going to a variety of teams.

Until something officially happens, it’s just that — talk.

Is the process intriguing? Of course.

The 10-win Sixers need a major boost of adrenaline under new management led by Bryan Colangelo. If they can ultimately improve by adding pieces through trades, then they should proceed.

Would Atlanta Hawks guard Jeff Teague, a solid 3-point shooter, make sense in some type of trade for Noel? Would the No. 2 or No. 3 overall pick for Okafor work for the Sixers?

Right now, it’s all conjecture.

There are so many rumors, so let’s tackle these in particular.

Grabbing Teague in a package for Noel could be productive, but the Sam Hinkie supporters would likely be against the move. The three-year agonizing process of losing produced Noel in a deal for Jrue Holiday. Giving up so early on Noel would be difficult. On the flip side, Teague is a 28-year-old proven veteran point guard who would help immediately.

In Okafor’s case, trading the young big man for the No. 3 overall selection doesn’t appear to make a whole lot of sense since the draft is considered a one-two punch of Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram. But shipping Okafor to the Los Angeles Lakers for the No. 2 overall pick? Well, that has to be considered. Can you imagine the Sixers adding Simmons and Ingram? It’s a nice picture.

At least this much is known: The Sixers currently own the No. 1 overall pick for the first time since 1996 when they took Allen Iverson.

Colangelo has addressed the rumors. In one particular interview, he was asked about the Sixers’ intentions.

“There’s been a lot of that [rumors] floating around,” Colangelo told Bleacher Report. “I know that some people like to poison the well. We’ve got good relationships with the agent, we’ve got good relationships with the family because [coach] Brett [Brown] has known Ben Simmons’ father for years. We also know Brandon Ingram’s people very well, whether it’s his agent or obviously his college coach. I really have not been concerned about what I hear and read. I also don’t like to take speculation and rumor and give it any kind of truth or validate it in any way. Obviously, we’re going to have a chance to sit and down and talk to these individuals.”

They’ll also have a chance to hear trade talk when the phone rings on a daily basis. As the draft inches closer, the phone calls will certainly increase. The Sixers need to get better and they have pieces to pull off trades. Whether any of it happens is a guessing game. But it’s sure going to be fun to watch as the days and weeks unfold.

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