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Do millennials care more about money than love?

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A new report shows what cities millennials are moving to and impacting. Photo: iStock.

A lot has been said about the lack of work ethic of those young kids we call millennials. The old guard likes to jump on every opportunity to grumble from their rocking chairs and label them as good-for-nothing slackers. But as a recent study found out, millennials are more focused on advancing their careers than getting into committed relationships.

This study conducted by Comet Financial Intelligence received 364 responses to a survey interviewing single millennials from their early twenties to their early thirties about what their long-term life goals were. The survey yielded some pretty surprising results.

They found that forty percent of millennials who are not in relationships are currently single because they are “focusing on their careers”. That seems reasonable right? On the other hand, the survey found that millennials would prioritize stacking that paper higher over working on their current relationships.  

Thirty-two percent of the individuals they polled said that they would leave their main squeezes if it meant getting a significant raise at work. Pretty ice cold right? Not what you would expect from the average flower-crowned Coachella attendee.

So how much money are we talking?

The study found that millennials would hold off on getting a relationship if it meant they would get a $36K raise. Those in committed relationships would hold off on bigger life moments like getting married if it meant getting a $64k raise and having children if they were to get a $67k raise.

The most telling statistic they found was two out of five millennials would leave their romantic interests completely in the dust if they were given a $37k. Which begs the question, do millennials value money over love?

As William Shakespeare once said about the emotional transactions of love “If you love without evoking love in return – if through the vital expression of yourself as a loving person you fail to become a loved person, then your love is impotent, it is a misfortune.” Oh, wait, Karl Marx said that….

Never mind. I guess I don’t know what to tell you! 


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