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Do not fear the flukes

Step away from the ledge. It’s going to be all right … at least for some of you.

Week 1 is a time for unsubstantiated panic and regret. It’s not usually a time to make rash decisions. Therefore, we can attack some weak owners looking to bail on these guys already:

Jackson’s five

Vincent Jackson had a 40-plus yard bomb land just inches in front of his hands in the end zone during Week 1. That won’t happen often. Philip Rivers remains one of the most aggressive vertical throwers in the game and Jackson is his best wideout. Buy up and reap rewards.

OD on Daniels

The Texans jumped out to a huge lead against the Colts and sat on it. That left Daniels out in the cold. But now that Kevin Walter (shoulder) is hurt and the Texans will be playing teams that have an actual NFL quarterback going forward, the chances will be there.

CJ still 2K

The Titans have already admitted that they didn’t give Chris Johnson the ball enough in Week 1. Their offensive line also underperformed and the entire unit is adjusting to a new scheme. All these things can be corrected and will be shortly — as soon as this Sunday. He’s still the elite threat to lead the league in rushing, just like he was prior to the preseason holdout.

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