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Do you have this secret ClassPass function hiding on your phone?

Massage therapy.

The popular app that allows members to find the best fitness classes around town just launched a new feature that will allow select ClassPass NYC users to take advantage of a broader range of services. If you already have a membership, there’s a chance you might be able to take advantage of new features in the ClassPass app.

Aside from booking fitness classes ranging from rock climbing to Pilates, select users will be able to sign-up for massages, facials and other wellness services available in the city. (But only ClassPass NYC users are in the group that quietly got the feature added to their phones. You’re going to have to wait if you’re in another city.)

The membership service already has a plethora of fitness classes available to its members on the app, but adding other services that go beyond the scope of normal fitness routines could enhance the overall experience for members.

“Expanding into wellness has been on our radar for some time,” said ClassPass CEO Fritz Lanman in a press release. “Our users are a health-conscious group looking to discover high-quality experiences at the best possible value. They crave more than just physical fitness and as trailblazers in the space, it’s our role to create an inclusive business model that encompasses wellness while continuing to introduce users to new experiences.”

The company launched these new features to some members in New York City to allow access to wellness services such as massages, facials, cryotherapy, float spas, infrared saunas, acupuncture and more during the testing period.

The company did not release a statement on how long they will be testing the new feature on the app, but there’s a chance you might already have access to the new feature.

classpass nyc wellness map

A screenshot of a map of various fitness classes available to ClassPass members in New York City. 

How to check for Wellness in the app if you’re a member of ClassPass NYC

If you’re already a ClassPass NYC member, you probably should check to see if you have access to additional wellness classes being offered in the pilot program. Open the ClassPass app and search for classes. Next, go to your filters and check to see if there’s a new option for “Wellness” when you select “Activities.” If you see new wellness services in your area such as facials or cryotherapy, then you are one of the chosen few with access to a broader range of services on the ClassPass app.

According to ClassPass, the goal of this new feature is to “introduce a more diverse inventory of experiences” that will enable members to explore new fitness routines that go beyond physical exercises.

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