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Do you know how many calories are in your favorite drinks?

Vitek Kloc

How many times have you heard the line, “A few drinks won’t hurt”? Well, actually they will – and according to a new survey, 80 percent of wine and 60 percent of lager drinkers don’t know how many calories they are consuming.

The Royal Society for Public Health, the British health body that published the findings, said that “calorie content should be included with some urgency.” They add: “The public’s health is under threat from an obesity epidemic and harm caused by the irresponsible consumption of alcohol.”

The RSPH wants the European Commission to introduce calorie labeling for alcoholic drinks, as it “would help further support the public to make informed choices about their alcohol consumption and, ultimately, moderate their drinking.”

The reason that alcohol causes weight gain is because of its faster fat absorption, while its sugar content increases appetite.

French nutritionist Dr. Larry Dibo-Cohen explains, “It’s a fact that alcohol contains a lot of calories – people watching their weight should definitely take that into consideration when having an alcoholic beverage.”

How many calories are you drinking?

What are the best drinks to go for?

Dr. Dibo-Cohen says opt for Champagne or wine, and avoiding hard liquor. Though the liquors themselves may not be particularly fattening, they’re often mixed with sugary fruit juices, cream and sodas.

How do we minimize the damage?

It’s the festive season so you are allowed to indulge! Have what you want but stick to one serving and don’t starve yourself before Christmas lunch or dinner. Having a balanced meal prior to the family feast will make you less likely to overeat.

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