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Does Keke Palmer survive ‘Scream Queens’?

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​Actress Keke Palmer is a little relieved shooting for “Scream Queens” is over, so she can focus on her music. But that doesn’t mean she’s about to give us any spoilers. When asked if her character on the Fox horror/comedy satire, sorority girl Zayday Williams, survives to come back for Season 2, all Palmer will offer is an elusive “I hope!”

Palmer, who’s been acting for most of her 22 years, was in town to host a launch party for U.K. clothing store Primark, opening its second U.S. location tomorrow in the former Sears space in the King of Prussia malloutside of Philadelphia. The store focuses on “fast-fashion”: inexpensive trend pieces you won’t be wearing for too many seasons. (Like fellow fast-fashion retailer H&M, they also sell some basics with a longer fashion shelf life.)

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We caught up with Palmer at the party, at the industrial Skybox Event Center in Fishtown, a few minutes before she debuted her new R&B single, “I Don’t Belong to You.”

You’re into fashion, acting, singing — which one is your main passion?

I love them all. But I just finished “Scream Queens” and I’m getting ready to do “Grease” with Fox, but that’s a bit more leisurely in the beginning, so now my focus can be on my music. I have the time to really work the way I want to work, since I don’t have to be on set. So my main focus is finishing my album and just really getting the right sound.

Who are your biggest music influences?

Brandy is one of the biggest. Of course, Michael Jackson — he’s everybody’s influence. Aliyah, TLC, Mariah Carey, always been a big fan of hers. For people now who inspire me — Drake. He’s very talented and he’s no one genre. It doesn’t matter the type of genre you listen to, you can hear his music and enjoy it. Same with The Weeknd.

Are you a big horror fan?

Of course, the biggest. I love “Scream Queens” so much because it blends my two favorites, horror and comedy.

Did you know the whole “Scream Queens” story line from the beginning or were you surprised by how it unfolded?

The writers are super-secretive so we know nothing until we receive the script. So suspenseful! ​

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