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Does Lindsay Lohan have a new boyfriend?

Lindsay Lohan
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Surely, you haven’t given a thought to Lindsay Lohan — perhaps, not since the time she claimed she had been racially profiled. Nonetheless, we are here to report today that a man you have never heard of is not Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend. Thank you for your time.


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Though for a brief moment, it appeared that the 31-year-old was dating very rich Korean bodybuilder Je-yong Ha, she is, um, not. The story originated from Liftn, a weight lifting site and spread through Twitter and Facebook. But according to one of Lohan’s friends, it’s strictly platonic.


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“Lol they are 100% not dating at all. They’re just friends,” a source told Vanity Fair. Now that’s how you make a statement!

For now, we can expect for Je-Yong to continue to post pictures of himself in Lohan’s company. That is, when he’s not posting pictures of himself in overly-snug polo shirts on his private plane.