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Does this parenting punishment fit the crime?

Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones punished his daughter for acting older by making her dress her age.
Kevin Jones/Facebook

What do you do when your little girl wants to dress and act older than she is? As a parent, the instinct is to protect her from the possible dangers dressing provocatively or lying about her age can bring. When one dad found out his 10-year-old daughter was pretending to be older than she was on the Internet, he decided grounding just wasn’t enough.

Kevin Jones posted on Facebook that his daughter had secret social media accounts and a boyfriend he didn’t even know about. As punishment, Jones made his daughter wear a shirt spray-painted neon pink that said “I’m 10 Years Old” and gave her a kiddie backpack to complete the look. With the photo’s “like” count over 260,000, it will be pretty hard for his daughter to lie about her age now.

What do you think of this parent’s creative response to his daughter’s behavoir? Let us know!

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