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Does your state have a bullying problem?

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If you’re a teen in Michigan, then you’re far more likely to be bullied than a teen in Massachusetts.

WalletHub released a study today on wherethe biggest bullying problemsexist across the nation.The study used 17 key metrics to find out where bullying is most pervasive and destructive among 45 states and the District of Columbia. Using grim metrics like the “percentage of high school students bullied online” and the “percent of students who committed suicide,” WalletHub ranked states based on a number of criteria.

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A child is bullied every seven seconds, and more than 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of being bullied, according to the National Education Association.

Notably, Massachusetts was ranked as the state with the least pervasive bullying problem.

At 5.88 percent, Vermont has the lowest percentage of high school students who attempted suicide. That’s 2.2 times lower than in Louisiana, where a startling 13.10 percent of high school students have attempted suicide.

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Though New York State was not on either the best or worst lists, its students are by no means immune from bullying. Just last Thursday a 13-year-old Staten Island boy killed himself after enduring relentless bullying and harassment at school. In a heartbreaking suicide note, the boy, Danny Fitzpatrick, wrote about how his teachers did little to protect him from the ongoing abuse.

Top 10 states with bullying problems

1. Michigan

2. Louisiana

3. West Virginia

4. Montana

5. Arkansas

6. Texas

7. Idaho

8. Alabama

9. South Carolina

10. Alaska

Bottom 10 states with bullying problem

37. California

38. Hawaii

39. Connecticut

40. Delaware

41. Florida

42. Rhode Island

43. District of Columbia

44. Vermont

45. North Carolina

46. Massachusetts

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