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Dog the Bounty Hunter wants Christie administration sued

(Photo via Vimeo)
Photo via Vimeo

From Beachgate to a trip for nachos gone awry, it appeared that Gov. Chris Christie’s week couldn’t get any worse, until Dog the Bounty Hunter decided it could.

Duane “Dog” Chapman announced support for a lawsuit yesterday against the governor for an alleged case of wrongful death involving a perp who was freed thanks to reforms in the bail system.

On April 9, Millville resident Christian Rodgers, 26, was walking in the city of Vineland when he was gunned down by Jules Black, 30, who was set free after the state’s new bail regulations were implemented. Black was charged as Rodgers’ murderer, but Chapman says the whole incident wouldn’t have taken place had the reforms not been made, and now he has signed onto a lawsuit filed by Rodgers’ parents.

Under New Jersey’s current bail laws, most defendants are no longer required to pay a fee for their release, but are instead assessed by a judge who determines whether they should walk. Chapman asserted that it was this change to the system promoted by the Christie administration that allowed Black to commit murder. Now, the Rodgers family has filed their suit in the U.S. District Court in New Jersey with the support of the bounty hunter himself, NJ Advance Media reported.

In a statement, Chapman shamed Christie’s actions, saying, “I wanted to help support the Rodgers family and to send a message to Gov. Chris Christie that law enforcement professionals like myself from across the country think he should be ashamed of himself for ignoring our advice and passing the dangerous, fake reform that I believe led to the tragic murder of Christian Rodgers.”

However, upon being asked about the suit during a recent news conference, Christie said he had no plans to meet with Dog. “Who’s my least favorite cabinet member? I’ll ask them to meet with the bounty hunter,” he retorted.

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