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Doing more with less

Do you find yourself suddenly being asked to do more with less? Did there used to be someone in the office beside you whose job responsibilities have suddenly become your responsibilities?

Here are some tips:

Clarify your role and responsibilities: This is the first thing you should do. If you are taking on responsibilities that are new to you, it is critical that you spend some time with your manager defining what they are. While it can be tempting to rush over this because there doesn’t seem to be time, making assumptions about expectations can slow you down later.

Establish priorities: There is a pretty good chance you now have too much on your plate. You will need to look at your tasks and deliverables and start putting them into three categories: Urgent, must do, maybe someday.

Identify what you need to learn: If you are taking on things that are new to you, you will have to invest some time and energy into your own learning and development.

Ask for feedback: One item that frequently gets a low score on employee surveys is, “I get timely feedback from my manager.” Turn that around. Instead of waiting for someone to give you feedback, ask for it.
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