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‘Domestic homicide’

In the wake of what police have called a “domestic homicide” in Dalhousie yesterday, issues of violence in the home are being brought to light.

“It is another example of the severity of the effects of domestic violence in Calgary,” said Maureen O’Connor of the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter.

“Last year, 83 per cent of clients residing at the shelter were assessed to be at risk of further assault or homicide … approximately 63 per cent of clients said their abuser threatened to kill them or was capable of killing them,” Lissa Samantarya-Shivji of the women’s shelter told Metro.

Services like the shelter offer support and tools to assess the danger level of a woman or man in an abusive relationship.

“Please don’t wait until it is a crisis until you call,” said O’Connor.

A 2007 report by the Calgary Police Service shows cops responded to over 12,000 domestic calls.
The Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter’s 24-hour helpline is 234-SAFE (7233).

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