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Donairs, syllables and sexy politicians

Keeping with this week’s Metro SunnySide theme of what’s great about Halifax, here’s your Urban Compass list of five things where we shine.


At a staggering 12 syllables long, the name Halifax Regional Municipality towers above its boring, concise rivals. This linguistic juggernaut makes cities like “Hull” and “Guelph” hang their heads in shame.

Sexy politicians

This is, of course, very much relative.

There are usually lower standards in ranking the hotness of politicians as opposed to normal people. It’s like converting imperial to metric. Maybe it’s all those meals they can expense.

But Nova Scotians somehow manage to elect federal politicians that some may actually find desirable. The recent annual poll by the Hill Times named Peter MacKay the sexiest male MP, with Scott Brison also in the mix (yes, they aren’t technically from HRM, but they spend plenty of time here).

And new Halifax MP Megan Leslie was also deemed quite comely, ranking as the third-sexiest female MP (Minister of Labour Rona Ambrose came first). Also, I hear HRM mayor Peter Kelly is quite the sex symbol in certain circles.


Known as the nectar of the gods, even official Halifax tourism signs promote “4 a.m. donairs!”
We may not have a Canadian Football League team, a subway system or even an opera house, but we do have an endless supply of sweet, sweet tasting donairs. Call it a wash.

City view planes

Downtown Halifax is blessed with a beautiful view of the Halifax Harbour from the top of Citadel Hill. These view planes are sacred. Luckily, anyone who tries to erect something to block them can be smote with a biblical-level swarm of red tape.


Many who haven’t been there pre-judge Dartmouth as some lawless wasteland filled with organ thieves and methadone clinics. But those who live there know it’s actually the area’s best kept secret.

Either way, Dartmouth really helps build up the municipality’s street cred. Sure, downtown Halifax is the cool, popular kid in the class. But Dartmouth is the dark, mysterious one surrounded by an air of intrigue.

Also it’s got like a billion lakes, so when Canada wins all those canoe and kayak Olympic medals next time, you can thank Dartmouth for it.

– Paul McLeod is a staff reporter at Metro Halifax. He is currently in rehab for being a political junkie. It’s going badly.

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