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Donald Faison can’t hardly wait

Think you’ve had a bad roommate experience? It probably can’t top that of actor Donald Faison.

“One of my roommates stole $1,000 dollars from me, forged a check with my name,” says the star of TV Land’s “The Exes,” which centers on a group of divorced men whose neighbor is their divorce attorney — and landlord. “That would be really awesome if I could say, ‘Yeah, somebody ate my sandwich,’ but no, that’s not [what happened].”

After nine years playing goofy surgeon Turk on “Scrubs,” Faison is now in the shoes of lothario Phil on “The Exes” — but don’t assume that art imitates life in this situation.

“I wish I could say I was a ladies man, but I’m not,” the actor says. “I got married young, I had kids young, I did all of that stuff young. I should have lived a little but I didn’t. But it’s easy to play a ladies man on television — you’ll never get shot down, unless the scene calls for it.”

Not that he needs to worry about the ladies in real life: Faison is engaged to longtime love CaCee Cobb, but is “not deep into wedding planning at all right now,” he says.

“The crazy thing is when you get engaged, apparently you gotta plan a wedding. I didn’t know this,” he says. “I guess we’re both lazy; we’re just having a great time being engaged.”

Welcome back, Zach

On tonight’s episode of “The Exes,” Faison wel­comes his former “Scrubs” co-star Zach Braff to the show. (Braff plays “the Roger Federer of our realm,” Faison explains.) Faison says he and Braff “hang out all the time,” and it was easy for them to fall back into the onscreen groove.

“Because our friendship is so strong, maybe that’s why it’s so easy to [work together],” Faison says. “There was always that, ‘If only we could find another way to get us together,’ and we found it. Who knew TV Land had the power to do it?”

Faison would be glad to see Braff to come back to their set — or other TV sets, for that matter.

“I’ll be honest: If he really wanted to come back to the multi-cam sitcom, it’s a way for him to go. He’d crush it.”

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