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Donald Trump, commander in tweet

Donald Trump, commander in tweet

Commander in Tweet Donald Trump took to his preferred platform of communication on Tuesday to remind America how he is making it great again: Trump’s health care bill is ready for review, “Obamacare” is “imploding,” Russia steam rolled the “weak” Obama administration and, just in case there aren’t enough “Thanks Obama” eyeroll moments in the world, No. 44 released “vicious prisoners” from the detention center inGuantánamo.

On Tuesday, Trump twee-ccusedformer President Obama of releasing 122 “vicious criminals” from the detention center in Cuba referred to as Gitmo. One of Obama’s campaign promises was to shut down the controversial site by the end of his time in the Oval Office.

Alas, Obama can’t take all the credit, since 113 of the detainees were released under President George W. Bush.

Release the hounds!


Trump started the week on Monday by congratulating ExxonMobile, run by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, for creating “JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!” which is a gear shift after Saturday morning’s Twitter rampage about Obama allegedly wiretapping Trump Tower during the campaign for office (spoiler alert: Trump won) while offering zero proof, pundits noted.

And don’t forget this Obama moment:

And for those of us who were eagerly awaiting Trump’s responseto the demise of “The New Celebrity Apprentice,”he didn’t disappoint, quickly following up theserious accusations with this:

Is POTUSmakingyourAmerica great again?