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Don’t forget the details this Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re dating someone or single, love is in the air for everyone this week.

Romance your way into his heart by wearing a flattering floral dress or subliminally get him in the mood with a dress adorned with sweet hearts.

Brightly coloured abstract floral print dresses are a hot item in stores right now.

If you’re looking for that one special dress that no one else will have, check out Canadian designer Isabella Dunlop, she creates one-of-a-kind dresses with ornate stitching detail and various print linings.


If you’re planning a romantic weekend, don’t forget the details.

What you wear under the dress is just as important as the dress itself. Keep things simple and sweet and match your floral or heart dress with a floral or heart bra and undie set. If you’re not into the girly frills of flowers and lace, then ease into something like boy shorts and subdued polka dot patterns.

Tip: Had a passionate candle-lit dinner that resulted in a little wax being spilt? Apply ice to the waxed area or place the garment in the freezer. Scrape off as much of the frozen wax as possible, then launder in the hottest water recommended for the fabric. (www.textileaffairs.com)

Ask Kim

Q. How often should I change my bras?

A. Bras tend to stretch out over time. My tip is to buy a bra that fits perfectly when you hook it to the first of hook fasteners. As the bra stretches hook your bra fasteners to the second or third set of hooks so that the bra will become tighter. La Senza recommends that you replace your bras once every six to eight months and buy white, black and nude bras to interchange with different coloured outfits.

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