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Don’t go thinking John Legend is the perfect husband, OK?

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I know what you’re thinking — what with all the beautiful snaps of their Italian vacations, baby Luna, and all the other glimpses of their rich and fabulous life — how could John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s marriage not be perfect? I don’t know, but Legend says it’s not, so I guess we have to take his word for it.

The um, “Ordinary People” singer (sorry, I only ever listened to his first album. Which is really great, by the way!) opened up recently about taking care of Teigen while she breaks up with booze.

“When she was thinking about how she wanted to drink less, we talked about it,” he told Cosmopolitan. “I just want to support her. I want her to be happy and to live the fullest, most awesome life she can, and I want us to do it together. Whenever she sets her mind to anything, I always tell her, ‘I want to support you and help you do it.’” Aw.


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Nonetheless, he says that the pressure that all of us are putting on them to be a perfect couple — just because they’re the most functional couple we see — is a bit much. Ugh, fine!

“I don’t want to present myself as the ‘perfect spouse’ and I don’t want to present our relationship as the ‘perfect relationship’ because I don’t think anybody meets that definition,” he said. “I think it’s too much pressure to put on anyone.

“However, I don’t mind being known as somebody who’s devoted to their wife. I am devoted to Chrissy… I think it should be cool to be a good partner, a good spouse, a good father, and/or a good parent.”

OK, so you’re telling me you guys aren’t perfect, but then you say a perfect thing? That’s what we call mixed signals my dude!