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Don’t take torch to Tibet: Rally

Fearing more blood will be spilled, protesters called on China and the International Olympic Committee to scrap plans to run the Olympic torch relay through Tibet during a peaceful demonstration in Toronto that coincided with yesterday’s arrival of the flame in San Francisco — its only North American stop.
They also urged the international community to boycott the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Games in August to show solidarity with Tibetans chafing under a violent Chinese crackdown.
“The situation is very tense,” said Sonam Dorjee of the Tibetan Joint Action Committee. “If they still continue to carry the torch through Tibet and to Mount Everest, Tibetans are going to rise up again, and this will give an excuse to the Chinese government to use more force. We fear that it might turn into another bloodshed in Tibet.”
Torch runs through London and Paris had turned violent. The demonstration yesterday across the road from the Chinese Consulate in Toronto was peaceful.

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